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Living Gratefully Event - January 11, 2014

Lindsay Wagner                                            Michelle Cohn
               Actress, Author, Advocate                 Beyond Words, Publisher of "The Secret"
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Welcome to our Living Medicine community. If you believe that healthcare should be about caring for individuals and should focus on life and healing, then please join us as we initiate a new paradigm shift in medicine from focusing on disease to that of embracing life and living.

Living Medicine is life itself. For so long, much of medicine has focused on the absence of disease to define health. But, there is much more to it than that. True healing occurs when we embrace life and take responsibility for our own health. Living Medicine holds illness as only one facet of life and it offers a doorway to healing on many levels, including the possibility of growth. With Living Medicine, no patient is ever reduced to a disease, but is acknowledged as a whole being, in spite of any disease. Our new Living Medicine model recognizes the wholeness of life rather than the absence of disease.  

Please join us in our efforts to create a healthier America!

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